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Well, that didn't work. I tried posting via my new iPod Touch (an unexpected but welcome gift), but it ated it. Anyway, I'm going to try to post more often...but not right now, I guess.


Dec. 12th, 2009 04:10 pm
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Hey, all.

I'm signing up for Etsy (I have stuff from out of my grandma's basement to sell) and they ask if someone referred me. I don't know if you get anything, but if you want to have referred me, let me know, and I'll give you credit

Also, if anyone collects Melmac, I have a bowl I'll be selling, but I'll give you first dibs.
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(This document will be going out to my relatives, who always want Christmas lists from everyone. I had a friend look over it, and she commented that she may steal the idea. I thought that others might be interested in doing the same. Also, it might be helpful for any Secret Santa types.)

I hate making Christmas/Birthday lists. Hate it. So, this is not a list of things to get me, although you would be safe with anything on here that I don’t already have (which will be indicated in the notes). This is more meant to be inspirational: these are things that make me happy, if you have ideas of things that you think might also make me happy, that’s more than okay. Also, there is the bonus effect of “Better Know a DebetEsse”

Things I think are nifty )

There are many other nifty things in the world, but a 4-page Word document is probably more than long enough. If for some reason you do not better know me sufficiently, I'll certainly answer comments.
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I just got my tickets to NYC for Spring Break (Last full week in March). I'll be there from Monday through Saturday morning, which is good, as I have several people to see. If you believe that you are, should be, or would like to be one of those people, let me know.

Now, if I can just get through the 2 weeks between now and then.
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So, Cass and I were talking, and we decided that

1) Blago is total douche
2) We dislike that use of the word "douche"
3) There is no obvious unobjectionable alternative to "douche" in this context
4) We would like to nominate "Blago" as a new alternative to "douche", or, rather, as a term to refer to anyone who is acting like the soon-to-be-former-governor.

* The quote that lead to decision #1 was:

GOV. BLAGOJEVICH: My point is, if you could hear the whole story, I think the whole story will tell a story of a governor who's on the side of the people, who takes on powerful interests, expresses frustration, and uses some language that, frankly, had I known somebody was listening, I wouldn't use. And I'll point out, when some of that language was used, there were no women on the phone. (emphasis mine)

To which my response is, "Oh, fuck you, you ass-wipe-y Blago."

Come on, people! Start a movement!
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I've been thinking thinky job thoughts lately, and there was a thought that I thought that I thought I should share and see what other people thought.

I do not wish to be without health insurance. As an unmarried person, this, practically speaking, pretty significantly limits my career choices at this juncture. If I wanted to pursue a field of work where my employer did not provide health insurance, I would either need to make enough to pay for my own (not likely) or get a second job where I would get health benefits.

And then I had this thought: how many other people have the same thoughts? It can't just be me. )
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I have a question for the knitters. I had the thought that it would be cool to do a cable pattern where each cable was a different color. I know that it would take extra care to not have holes between the stripes, but is there any reason that it wouldn't work? Something I'm not thinking of?
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I have a draft. POV and tense don't seem to shift horribly, and there is a beginning, middle, and end. I will now go hippo a beta.
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I think this one will do.

Because life is like West Wing, at least today.


Sep. 16th, 2008 07:06 pm
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You remember how Lost started and was all cool-looking, and I watched for a couple of years and then broke up with the show, because it kinda sucked and the sex wasn't even that good.

I think I may end up in the same sort of relationship with Fringe. I didn't hate the pilot, and I know it's not going to be as good as it looks like it could be, but it looks like it could be good.
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Riding my bike yesterday, I decided that the way to get to know a place is at ground level, on foot or on a bike, without a windshield between you and everything else.

I also discovered that I can set my iPod at a proper volume to hear the world and the music.

I trimmed my bruised toenail last night and got it to the point where it could, well, drain, so it's now much more toenail colored. Still feels a bit odd.

I've got 4 projects going right now:
1) Finish moving my playlists to the computer
2) Finish the current knitting thing
3) Finish at least a draft of a vid (I discovered that, harvesting clips from YouTube, I can use iMovie, and ::sigh::)
4) Put together a fashion reference portfolio, to try to bring some sort of coherence to my wardrobe.

This in addition to work and various housework stuff. T's birthday party is this Saturday. And that's the news.


Jul. 3rd, 2008 06:08 pm
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The vampires finally took my blood! (My iron was too low the last several times) And they gave me a hat!

I was reading Newsweek while I was there, and, as a person who gets her news primarily through the radio, was particularly struck by this image.

I did laundry!

My toenail seems to be staying put, although it's still purple. More updates as this story develops (I anticipate that it will be cool-looking when it half grows out)

My too-big-for-me Hi-top Chucks are great for when I have a bruised toenail, as they've got lots of space in the toe.

I'm doing a reading at church on Sunday, and I found something in Caroline Kennedy's "A Patriot's Handbook" (a really nice all-in-one of American writing about America. They even have lyrics from 1776 in there). I was emailing the organizer what it was, and thought, since it's not terribly well-known, I'd send a link with the text (It's from 1940, so surely it's out there). You know what you shouldn't google? white freedom. It does not turn up E.B. White's essay "Freedom", at least, not without wading through many other, less Unitarian-friendly results.

I have watched all of Season 1 of Burn Notice and The Riches (why is Season 2 not on the Internets! Why? Woe!), and have discovered that CBS has Star Trek TOS on their website, which will allow me to plow through episodes even faster then Netflix, thus assisting me in my quest to run out of television.
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I rode my bike to have lunch with Todd (about 4 1/2 miles) and then back.

Now I fall down

But I falled down by the computer, so it's ok.
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Ok, so Ianto stopped booting.

I got him to boot from the install disc.

He can't see his hard drive.

Clearly the issue is (at least, and pleasepleaseplease only) the hard drive.

So, I need to get, and install, an new hard drive.

And then see what, if anything, I can recover from the current one if I put it in a new housing, or send it out to professional-type people.

Which (inshallah) will cost me muchmuch less than a new computer, and my tax refund should cover most of it.
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I want things my way.
Why can't I have things my way?
That is so not fair.
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I think I'll wait till tomorrow to start its match.
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Not cast.

Really probably for the best, what with schedule and all that.

Still somewhat disappointing.
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You know how, when you're looking for tweezers or nail clippers, they all run and hide?

I cleaned my apartment this weekend and found 4 tweezers and 2 nail clippers. They're all sitting in a pile on my chair-and-a-half. I'd give them a talking-to, but I know it won't do any good.

ION, my apartment is clean enough that I would not be embarrassed to have visitors. This is a fairly major accomplishment for me.
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If we only ever want to have a President who is ready to go on day 1, then we can only ever elect White House insiders (and even that is iffy, IMO).

I, at least, am not a fan of this plan.

When Bill Clinton came into office, he fucked up trying to change military policy on homosexuals. His wife fucked up trying to get health care reformed.

Granted, I lack some temporal perspective, but I think he ended up doing a pretty good job, no? Even more so if you discount the issues with his penis (although maybe you can chalk those issues blowing up to his lack of Washington experience).

I expect that those Clinton staffers who are working for Obama (and there are more than a couple) will be able to help out with that stuff. That's what they're there for, if a President is smart enough to use them.

(ftr, I did not say this because I lean away from political discussion in places where it is not explicitly allowed [and past discussions have re-enforced my perception that board culture sees it as whatever-is-opposite-of-monkey-groomey]. Survival skill I learned from a young age, growing up where I did.)

There is more SIDS, but, well, going to sleep with high blood pressure is hard.

I need to get me a TWW icon.


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