Dec. 23rd, 2006 03:15 am
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I've got this Who-fic that's been sitting in the hutch since July-ish, but hasn't been ready to be written until I saw "Doomsday" (and damn if it didn't fit canon better than I thought it would). So, I wrote it tonight. 1500 words, which, for me, is a lot for a single sitting. But, it's 4 in the morning here, and I don't know whether to ask for a beta (which it could really use), or just post it and see if it sticks to the wall, or if this is all just a hallucination, anyway.

So, I think what I'm asking is if anyone would be willing to beta.
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As I said to P-C, "Doctor Who makes me want to write textual analysis like nothing else before ever" So I did. I started on this a couple nights ago. And then it was 3 am, and I needed to go to bed. I couldn't get the same momentum going again, and I fear that I'm redundant in a few places, and, being a year behind, I bet most of this has been said, but I needed to say it, so I did, and if you spoil me for anything in The Parting of the Ways or Series 2 before it airs, I will cut you.

That said, there are mild spoilers for The Parting of the Ways and Series 2. Very, very mild. Cast spoilers, mostly. That and the existence and basic nature of the spin-off.

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