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Thing the first: Anne rocks! I have the scarf and consumables with me, so that I may revel in their nifty-ness

Second: I am in Indiana. 4 hours late, which was Chicago's fault. The weather in my part of Colorado has been lovely for the past few days, including this morning. Here, it is warm and raining.

Third: My brother is in the hospital. His leg is infected. This is as random as it sounds (no, there was not a wound that got infected). He will be fine, so feel free to laugh. I know I did. He may be out tomorrow and will almost certainly be out by Christmas Eve (and, therefore, did not ruin Christmas. At least, not yet. That award is still up in the air).

Third B: At one point, in the car, he was talking to Dad when he did not realize he was saying things out loud (due to fever). Had he been awake when I was told this, there would have been a great many JD and internal monologue jokes.

Third C: Because he is under 18, he's in the Ped's ward. Whoever decorated has clearly never met a child.

Third D: Pictured of flowers in a hospital strike me as rather funereal, and a Bad Move. This is not just true of the particular picture in Skippy's room, which is several levels of disquieting (in some of the same ways as the art in the ballroom in NOLA.)

Fourth: I do not teach again for 2 weeks. Whoo! Otherwise, I might have killed a parent.

Fifth: If we are not seeing the relatives until after Christmas, we do not need to worry so much about having their gifts purchased before Christmas. IJS.
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Friday afternoon I overnighted my papers to Maryland. I have now done all I can do.

I'm done.

Friday night, I watched Who (I'd seen both episodes before. Next week's will be new to me) and slept the sleep of the righteous.

Today I did dishes. After I finish reading Boxed Set I'm going to clean until I head down the mountain to call my brother and wish him a happy birthday (I'm the best sister ever because I got him a [refurbished] iPod mini).

Oh, yeah, and did I mention how I FINISHED THE WORK FOR MY MASTERS!!!!?

Because I did.
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Ok, hivemind, I need you. My little brother (HS Sophomore) is dating a Mormon (he, himself is toward the Left end of UCC. Basically, last door on the Left of Christianity). He really likes her, but is getting irritated with her habit of trying to convert him (she does not realize or does not acknowledge that she is doing so).

I suggested arguing theology with her. He cited her use of my fav. line ever: "pray on it and it will be revealed to you". Oy.

I suggested trying to convert her back (to Wicca, if I'm being snarky), so that it's forced to consciousness. He said that was mean.

I pointed out my lack of boyfriend, and that perhaps I should ask the 'istas. He agreed, so I'm asking.

Please remember that she's young and he actually wants to continue this relationship (although he has expressed reservations in the past wrt LDS's stance on homosexuality. Go Team Tolerance). Any ideas?


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