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If we only ever want to have a President who is ready to go on day 1, then we can only ever elect White House insiders (and even that is iffy, IMO).

I, at least, am not a fan of this plan.

When Bill Clinton came into office, he fucked up trying to change military policy on homosexuals. His wife fucked up trying to get health care reformed.

Granted, I lack some temporal perspective, but I think he ended up doing a pretty good job, no? Even more so if you discount the issues with his penis (although maybe you can chalk those issues blowing up to his lack of Washington experience).

I expect that those Clinton staffers who are working for Obama (and there are more than a couple) will be able to help out with that stuff. That's what they're there for, if a President is smart enough to use them.

(ftr, I did not say this because I lean away from political discussion in places where it is not explicitly allowed [and past discussions have re-enforced my perception that board culture sees it as whatever-is-opposite-of-monkey-groomey]. Survival skill I learned from a young age, growing up where I did.)

There is more SIDS, but, well, going to sleep with high blood pressure is hard.

I need to get me a TWW icon.


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