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Let me be clear, it is not that I am unable to knit starlight into the things I make. I am capable of doing so and have done on multiple occasions. Being a fundamentally nocturnal creature, I tend more toward starlight and moonlight—very rarely, though. One does not call on the Moon lightly—in my creations than toward rays of the Sun. I can do these things, and I have even found ways to streamline the process. But the process, however streamlined, is still tedious and cumbersome. So know, if you ask for strands of starlight and I smile and nod, that it is an even greater display of affection than the item itself. It is one thing to offer my efforts to The Ladies on your behalf, to knit up strands cleanly and beautifully that you might wrap them around yourself as protection against the unravelings of fate. It is another thing on top of that to capture the light of the stars to shine for you when you find yourself in darkness. Though it is a thing worth doing, there are many things worth doing, and a second boon must, by its nature, preclude some other. So, knitting starlight is a thing I can do, but know what it is that you ask for, and know what it is that I offer.
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After ripping back the sleeves a bit and adding contrast cuffs, all that's left is to chuck it in the wash and then buy and sew in a zipper for the front.

It's been interesting hauling this around with me. The other people in my bio class are generally impressed with person! making a garment! Right here! I got to give my "fighting mass production one project at a time" speech today. Now I need to find someone with a chest no more than 34 inches to gift it to...unless it shrinks, in which case it will be even smaller.

I'm now on the prowl for a sweater pattern for me...maybe I can use the silk I'll be re-claiming from a Salvo sweater I bought...
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So, I ran out of yarn for the second sleeve. This left me with 2 workable options: 1) frog and re-knit the whole thing in a smaller size, this time probably with a hood or 2) rip back 10-ish rows on the first sleeve and do the last few rows of both sleeves in the body yarn.

I went with plan 2, but seem to have either created or lost a stitch. Pantsy bollocky arse-damn! I have not, as yet, dealt with this. It is sitting on the couch until tomorrow, probably, when we will have a heart-to-heart and figure out what's going on.
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Yesterday, I did not have enough yarn for the hood, so now it is a sweater with a collar. I also decided that, should I make this pattern again, I will do stockinette, rather than garter stitch, as this is a bit crunchy granola-looking for me. However, I think that any number of children would happily wear the basic design and construction of the thing.

Tonight, i realized that I picked up the wrong number of stitches for the first sleeve, so I had to rip back and start again. I have not yet made it back to where I was when I figured that out. I did, however, leave a longer tail, which I can use to stitch up the under-arm and start the sleeve seam at the wrist.

Net progress for the day, but not great progress.

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Yesterday, I got the rest of the body finished, and started on the hood. There's still the sleeves and edging to do.

I tend to take my knitting with me places, and one of those places is church. I work with the kids, and they took to the idea of knitting. So, next week, a couple of us are going to hold a knitting workshop. The plan was to have them make a keyhole scarf or bag, but they want to make blankets for Haiti, so they'll be making squares to be pieced together. There are a couple of the kids already knitting, and one of the boys has been teaching some of the other boys (boys do knit!). I am hoping that at least some of them stay interested, as it's a good way to keep fidgiting hands busy at times when they need to sit quietly (like, say, during church). But that's yet to come.

We will be without a minister starting in March, and I keep thinking that I'd like to volunteer to speak one Sunday on "Why I knit" or "Knitting and religion" or something like that.
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We went to see Wolfman last night, so I didn't cast on for the Knitting Olympics until this morning, sitting in the classroom before my weekly Bio test. I knit while waiting for everyone to finish, and I knit a bit during lecture. I knit on the way to the dog park and I knit while editing documents for church. I was going to knit while watching the opening ceremonies, which I had TiVoed, but I seem to have recorded 4 hours of "no signal". Bastards.

I'm feeling really good about my progress and worried that I might need a second project. But, then, possibility for double gold!

I'm almost halfway up the body (to the armholes), and should easily get there today. My original plan was to change colors each day, but I'm not sure how that will go. Ask again tomorrow.

Oh, yeah, I'm making Elizabeth Zimmerman's Tomten sweater. I won't swipe someone else's picture, but if you google "tomten", it's the sweater you see pop up repeatedly, with the hood. It will be somewhere in the range of small-human sizes. I'll have to measure when it's finished to figure out what size, exactly, it is.

The goal of Knitting Olympics is to set for yourself a challenging but do-able project to start once the torch is lit and finish before it is extinguished.

This is my first sweater, and it's a fairly simple, straightforward one (I have the instructions written out on a piece o junk mail so I can carry them around with me), but knitting a sweater is up there with knitting a scarf for iconic knitting projects. Now all I need to do is mittens to have the hat trick. If this one goes well, I have a couple of other sweaters I'd like to make (for me, mostly, as Todd doesn't want one.). There aren't a lot of sweaters I own that I love, and I'd like to rectify that. I'd also like to start building up a stash of giftable items, should the need arise, but I also have queue of things I already know I want to make, so, well, long-term plans. Today, I am an Knitlympian, working on one project at a time.
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I have a question for the knitters. I had the thought that it would be cool to do a cable pattern where each cable was a different color. I know that it would take extra care to not have holes between the stripes, but is there any reason that it wouldn't work? Something I'm not thinking of?


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