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So, 2007.

Well, losing my job sucked.

My new job's cool.

The training I took this summer was great.

I've gotten onto an exercise plan, which has been good for me.

Living in Ft Wayne is nice in that I'm close enough to people that I can do weekend visits.

This is also the year that I got back onstage, which was great. Continuing that in 2008.

I've been feeling much more like a relatively-responsible grown-up, and not just because I found my first white hair.

I seem to have found a church where I can be, at least while I'm here. I'll probably join this next year, but for now, I am only functionally a Unitarian.

I think that's enough verbosity for the time being. I'm looking a lot more at the future at the moment. Which will be addressed in an upcoming post.
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I have just iced Christmas cookies. Cookies which I, myself (in conjunction with 2 other generations of women in my family) made, with icing I, myself, made (even if I was somewhat thwarted by the mixer for a bit). They are (mostly) very pretty (there are some eye issues on one angel and a snowman).

While I am happy about being a constructive force in the Universe of late, it has been in far more (traditionally) feminine ways than I have, historically, gravitated toward. I feel like I should get hold of some power tools and build something, restore balance to the Force. But, as my entire apartment is carpeted, I may need to just play some Zelda for the time being.

*This post is in no way intended to impose value judgments or set definitions on "masculine" or "feminine"...whatever. Hell, the Santas are iced more or less just like my grandfather did them. Food, in particular, has never been women's work in my family, and I roll my eyes at students when they talk about "the boys" and "the girls" about things other than bathrooms, and this is my Black friend Alan. I've just been thinking thoughts about stereotypes and my own projects, especially with being back in the Midwest and all the "family-oreinted-ness" in my vicinity and wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff.

(It got away from me, yeah.)
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I know that for a lot of people on my flist, Madeline L'Engle was a big part of their development, so this is sort of a "me, too".

A few of my own, particular memories:

When I was in 4th grade, my teacher read A Wrinkle in Time to the class. I'd already read it, and was reading along (she skipped bits. I think the complicated bits, for the most part, but I may remember incorrectly). Anyway, when Charles Wallace is introduced, there is some description (that I can't find at the moment) of how he talks. The teacher asked if anyone knew what the words meant. Someone said, "Like Abby."

In 8th Grade, we wrote and performed character monologues from some book we'd read. I chose Meg.

I "met" one of my favorite poems (the one that the admin password for all the laptops at my last job is based on, through a mild dS-fannish lens) in Arm of the Starfish: Frost's "Two Tramps in Mud Time". I've memorized that last stanza.

I've read all the Murray-O'Keefe books, though I never got into any of the other series. I think my New England is in some real way born of them, and I know my Universe was, as they pre-date my time with nearly all other visions of the larger Universe (Star Wars, or Trek, Who, of course, Farscape. The only SF-ish thing that I can think of that came earlier was Flight of the Navigator. Make of that what you will). And, between "Through dangers untold"(No, it's not L'Engle, if you can't place it) and "At Tara in this fateful hour", of course I believe in word-magic. It might not even be too far of a stretch to bet that Many Waters was my first subversive take on angels (Probably one time in three, at this point, "Set Me as a Seal" bring the book to mind. It was more often when I first learned it. And let's not even get into Mitochondrial DNA).

Godspeed, Madeline L'Engle. I hope your Universe is as wonderful as the one you brought to me, and that the lives your books touch make this one a little more like it.


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