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1)My right knee hurts sufficiently that I am limping around the house. My limp is not psychosomatic, even though it is idiopathic. (I did not realize that my missing my knees when they're gone would happen at about a decade after high school, even though it's only temporary--I trust)

2)I've got the music from a couple of shows in my brain (I have more than that. There are just two I want to talk about at the moment). One of them, I have the score for. The other, a CD of the cast recording. Both of them are shows that I worked on. This music is probably known by a couple hundred people or fewer, but I'll be humming it while I'm shambling around the nursing home 50 years from now. This is a strange feeling, especially as I had the impulse last night to post part of one of them to Facebook yesterday. I realized that no one would get the reference (actually, that may not be true. One of my FBfriends might have. I don't know if she got the CD. I don't really talk to her at all, though). For posterity: "This quite unnerving and downright disturbing wave of clarity..."

3) #2 does highlight, though, that the vast majority of references I would make are shared by at least some people I know. I can refer to "Handlebars Doctor", a "Not Fine List", the Bechdel Test, the Uncanny Valley, the King of the Cosmos, Cleaning All the Things, and a ton of non-media-related stuff without worrying too much about being unduly obscure. (for a fun game, count and cite the allusions in this post! Okay, maybe not that fun.)

4) And, while we're on the subject, it makes me deeply happy in my heart when someone I didn't expect shares a shibboleth. Like the guy from High School who was drinking from the keg of glory and demanded the finest bagels and muffins in all the land. Or the one I know from a couple shows who replied to a post of mine with "Pins...Abigail" (it worked in context, and probably shouldn't have been as surprising as it was). I was that person for my college roommate, who checked to make sure I knew what the Bechdel Test was before continuing with a point. I responded with my recently-acquired knowledge that War & Peace doesn't pass it.

5) Which makes me think about Back in the Day, when everyone had the same 6 books, and referenced them freely, or even when everyone had the same 3 channels on their tvs. That baseline of shared knowledge is something that we don't really have anymore, outside of our little communities (AIFG!). But, at the same time, there's so much more possibility of sharing and creating new shibboleths. This is somewhat related to how and why I hate playing Apples to Apples with my extended family: our idioms are almost entirely separate.

6) Finally, bike trails that are closed for flooding and then don't give any clue as to good detours really suck when you're using them for transportation, rather than recreation. The trip home on the streets was about half the travel time as the trip there.

7) As do closed gates in flood walls when you want to get to the other side of said flood wall.


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