Feb. 13th, 2010

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We went to see Wolfman last night, so I didn't cast on for the Knitting Olympics until this morning, sitting in the classroom before my weekly Bio test. I knit while waiting for everyone to finish, and I knit a bit during lecture. I knit on the way to the dog park and I knit while editing documents for church. I was going to knit while watching the opening ceremonies, which I had TiVoed, but I seem to have recorded 4 hours of "no signal". Bastards.

I'm feeling really good about my progress and worried that I might need a second project. But, then, possibility for double gold!

I'm almost halfway up the body (to the armholes), and should easily get there today. My original plan was to change colors each day, but I'm not sure how that will go. Ask again tomorrow.

Oh, yeah, I'm making Elizabeth Zimmerman's Tomten sweater. I won't swipe someone else's picture, but if you google "tomten", it's the sweater you see pop up repeatedly, with the hood. It will be somewhere in the range of small-human sizes. I'll have to measure when it's finished to figure out what size, exactly, it is.

The goal of Knitting Olympics is to set for yourself a challenging but do-able project to start once the torch is lit and finish before it is extinguished.

This is my first sweater, and it's a fairly simple, straightforward one (I have the instructions written out on a piece o junk mail so I can carry them around with me), but knitting a sweater is up there with knitting a scarf for iconic knitting projects. Now all I need to do is mittens to have the hat trick. If this one goes well, I have a couple of other sweaters I'd like to make (for me, mostly, as Todd doesn't want one.). There aren't a lot of sweaters I own that I love, and I'd like to rectify that. I'd also like to start building up a stash of giftable items, should the need arise, but I also have queue of things I already know I want to make, so, well, long-term plans. Today, I am an Knitlympian, working on one project at a time.


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